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Stop duplicates in Salesforce

Your team deserves trustworthy customer data. Block, control, and prevent duplicate records in Salesforce® with DupeCatcher.

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Prevent duplicate records in salesforce

75,000+ companies stay dupe-free with DupeCatcher

Never worry about dupes again

Duplicate records cause havoc within your org. They confuse, hinder productivity, and frustrate users. DupeCatcher blocks dupes in real-time at the point of entry so your customer data stays clean and your team happy.

How it works

1. Easy setup
Install right inside your Salesforce org in minutes

2. Customizable
Create filters and rules to catch dupes at the source

3. No more dupes
DupeCatcher runs in real-time, keeping dupes away


Block duplicate records in salesforce

Block dupes before they wreck havoc

DupeCatcher looks for duplicates when new records are created manually, when existing records are updated or converted, and when records come into Salesforce through web forms.

Customize how dupes are matched

Create filters and rules to tell DupeCatcher how to detect duplicates. Use a combination of any standard or custom Salesforce fields with varying matching styles to tell DupeCatcher how records should be matched.

Stop duplicate records in salesforce
duplicate alert

Get notified when dupes are found

Set rules to block the insertion of duplicates or use alerts to merge and update records. Or override blocked duplicates to create new unique records when needed.

Consolidate dupes so data stays unique

When duplicates are detected, merge or convert them into a single record, preventing the creation of new duplicates and maintain good data quality.

Prevent duplicate leads in salesforce

“A must have for any Salesforce org”

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“DupeCatcher is a great addition to our Salesforce instance. Being able to create my own filters and review potential dupes has helped keep my data clean. Best of all, it’s free!”

Eric Stowell
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“There’s a huge cost with duplicate records. DupeCatcher is great at preventing that from happening, helping minimize the ‘human error’ element of data entry.”

John Marshall
Salesforce AppExchange® review

“If you want a solid tool that’ll catch dupes as they’re created and don’t have a lot of time to waste on an overly complex system, DupeCatcher is the app for you.”

Rich Converse-Frazer
Salesforce AppExchange® review

Easy setup
Install right inside your Salesforce org in minutes

Native app
Use in Classic or Lightning versions of Salesforce

Multi-object compatible
Catch dupes on all standard Salesforce objects

100% free
Get all of DupeCatcher’s features for free

Fully supported
Rest assured with help docs and our support team

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How do I get rid of existing duplicates in Salesforce?

Preventing duplicates from entering Salesforce is just one way to have clean customer data. With Cloudingo you can easily achieve high quality data and eliminate dupes that pollute your org.

Don’t let one more duplicate sneak in.

Start blocking them now.

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