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Let us walk you through how to prevent Salesforce duplicates. View some of the DupeCatcher features, and we’ll show you how to configure settings. Start with an overview demo or dive deeper into specific topics.

DupeCatcher Overview

We demonstrate how DupeCatcher can quickly and easily block the creation of duplicate Salesforce leads, contacts, and accounts in order to maintain a high level of data quality

Troubleshooting: Installing DupeCatcher

What to do if the installation of DupeCatcher fails.

How-To: Merge Function

Let us show you the Merge function of DupeCatcher.

How-To: Configuring Override

We’ll walk you through how to configure the DupeCatcher Override feature to work for all users.

Using DupeCatcher’s Convert Feature

We demonstrate DupeCatcher’s Convert function.

How-To: Managing Alerts and Tasks

Working with DupeCatcher alerts and tasks.

How-To: Using the Override Feature

Once you know how to configure the Override feature, find out how to use it.

Don’t let one more duplicate sneak in.

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